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YouTube Channel Benefits For Your Business

ArticlesYouTube Channel Benefits For Your Business

Online platforms need to have more and more moving parts in order to reach all of the potential traffic avenues they can. This includes major sources like Google searches and social media, but it also means YouTube. If you’ve only been using text and image-based content for your business, here are three reasons to start including video:

1. Video content draws more attention

Internet users prefer video to text, and the gap is increasing every day. The medium is more entertaining, more informative, and more persuasive, and is even more useful because it can be consumed passively. This is why content creators and advertising agencies have been filling Facebook with short videos: viewers are more likely to pause their feed scrolling for video, and getting that captive audience is crucial.

2. Video content can prove your value to potential customers

Whether your business provides a service or sells products, having related content that solves your market’s problems is important. No matter what your industry is, you face competition; if you can solve your potential customers’ immediate problems through expert advice or demonstration videos, then they are more likely to see you as a resource and a trustworthy entity. This applies to text-based content, too, but you can post your videos on both your site and YouTube.

3. It’s a great forum for demonstrating your products and displaying your brand

YouTube content creators pay a great deal of attention to even the backgrounds of their videos, and that’s because they display crucial context for the video. Use your YouTube videos to show your logo behind an expert, demonstrate how your products work in different applications, and more. How-to content especially benefits from being in video form.

Giving your audience what they want is a crucial part of converting leads, and almost all Internet users prefer video. Video production is continuing to grow and if you are interested in reaching out to your potential clients through video, contact our team of professionals to help get you started.

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