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You don’t have to be overwhelmed by the process.

Take your videos to the next level!

Our dedicated film and editing crew will bring your story to life and captivate your audience.

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Video marketing can be a great option for growing your business. 

Research shows that consumers are spending up to seven hours a day using video marketing, both TV and online, as opposed to an average of 24 minutes a day using print media. This does not dismiss print as unimportant or unnecessary. It does mean that people are increasingly responding to digital formats, including the increased use of mobile devices and broadband, which advocates video-driven marketing.

Framing Your Success

We provide professional video marketing services to individuals, organizations, and companies.

Video allows you to communicate a clear message about your business, products, and services. It is also great for advertising, promoting special events or creating a documentary. We have the experience and expertise to work with your idea, your timeline, and your budget to ensure you get a final product that is on time and on target.

a behind the scenes photo of a video marketing shoot in a studio
a view of a team writing and looking at brand strategies on a white board

Facts to Film

We begin with a Discovery interview to learn more about you and your business.

We will then conceptualize the video using a storyboard to establish your message. This will guide us in choosing the right location, the number of cameras needed, video length, and the number of people to be involved.

Our team will script your video utilizing content provided by you or by writing an original script for you. We will then map out exactly what is going to be happening in the video as the script is being spoken. Once the script is written and the storyboard created we will begin staging your video.

Setting the Stage

Staging involves the details of the shoot such as lighting, scenery, camera angles, and audio. 

We will also assist you in coordinating and scheduling people who appear in the video as well as anyone who will be narrating the audio portion of the video. Once the stage has been set, we will shoot the video, log and capture all footage, and convert it into digital media to begin the editing process. The final edit will include the addition of any needed background music, special effects or transitions. The final video will be formatted according to your needs including online uploads and DVDs. Helping you frame, film, and feature your point of difference is what we do best.

a look at Drum Creative's team dancing for the rock and roll blood connection campaign

You don’t have to be overwhelmed by the process. Take your videos to the next level!

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