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3 Video Marketing Tips: When Words Aren’t Enough

Articles3 Video Marketing Tips: When Words Aren’t Enough

Video marketing is an important business consideration now that there is so much marketing clutter online. When it comes to making your business stand out from the competition, words are no longer enough; videos engage consumers more effectively. Small Business Trends reports that on Facebook alone, Mark Zuckerberg reveals to have 8 billion video views a day. Avasam provides some helpful video marketing stats for 2020. Keep these three video marketing tips in mind to increase your consumer engagement:


  • An Established Following – Using influencers in your video to sell your product or service can be essential in success as they have already acquired the following your company may not have.
  • Expert in Your Market – You may be tempted to recruit the most well-known influencer (but least educated in your market). Don’t. Not only will your target audience not be reached, but your influencer’s reliability will decrease. Stick to the most popular expert in your market.


People don’t necessarily buy what you do; they buy WHY you do it, so use this insight as a way to make your brand stand out. Don’t tell a story simply about your history; talk about the value of your company. Why is your company so important?

  • Stories are relatable – If a consumer can relate to your product, they’re more likely to become brand loyalists.
  • Stories are memorable – Customers are more likely to remember an engaging story about your product rather than the logic behind your product.

Simple But Humorous

  • People Respond More to HumorReports are showing that laughter is the game-changer in acquiring viewership as 71% of consumers on social media admit that they watch videos for a good laugh.
  • Simple & Understandable – By keeping your content simple enough to be understood by the consumer and funny enough to make them have a good laugh, you increase the possibility of either going viral or at least reaching a good number of shares, likes, and comments.

The fact is that video marketing works. If you are looking for more marketing tips for your growing business, contact us today for an expert consultation, and we’ll help you find strategies that best fit your company’s needs.

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