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How to Frame the Raw Footage of Your Next Video

ArticlesHow to Frame the Raw Footage of Your Next Video

Your business needs videos but they aren’t just a simple matter of posing and giving a solution or demonstrating a particular process or project. Instead, there is branding and name appeal that needs to be worked into the intros, outros, and text. Here are some of the essential elements that each video should have:

Does your video start with an attention-getting two to three seconds?

Depending on the platform you use to host the video, the length and formatting can vary drastically. But the video for any platform needs to start with an attention-getter. Usually, this involves either a completed shot of a prepared recipe or an intriguing mid-project pan that makes viewers stick around. While this is important in YouTube videos when people search for answers your business can provide, it’s vital for videos you post on Facebook: most viewers only watch for a split second before deciding whether to view or to scroll past.

Does your video clearly show your brand?

If the average viewer doesn’t know that your company is the creator of a video they enjoyed, they won’t know to watch a second video that’s less immediately attention-grabbing. Good videos have branding worked into the first shot, the intro, the outro, and all through the video in at least a corner watermark.

Does your video end with a call to action?

If your video is promoting a service, tell viewers where and how to pay for more. If it’s informational, direct viewers to subscribe for more content or to go to your site for more answers. Even if your videos are just for entertainment, you should be directing viewers who watched the whole thing to watch another video: once you’ve captured that much of someone’s interest, you shouldn’t let it go.

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