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Why Video is Important for Marketing Your Business

ArticlesWhy Video is Important for Marketing Your Business

Video has quickly become one of the essential marketing tools available to a business. It doesn’t matter how big or small your company is. Video can help anyone. It is just a matter of utilizing it properly. At first, video can seem a daunting task, especially if you haven’t implemented it before, or if it is not yet a significant part of your marketing strategy. You should consider the strength of video content and how it can be implemented easily and efficiently. But why is video important for marketing your business?

A Variety of Video Formats

One of the great advantages of using video to market your business is the ability to choose from a variety of video formats. This allows you to keep your content fresh and engaging. Engaging your audience is the key to success. By using different types of videos regularly, you keep your audience interested. Variety removes the threat of monotony. Make sure your video introductions and video conclusions are engaging. The intro should be a “hook” that grabs the viewer’s attention, and the ending should leave them wanting to do business with you. Here are a few types of videos you can choose from:

  • Interviews – Great for bringing in trusted guests to talk about your industry.
  • Commercials – These are a great way to promote your business as a whole, or to promote individual products.
  • FAQ Videos – Instead of having a FAQ page, consider doing it via video (or do both!).
  • Behind the Scenes – This is a great choice to give customers an “exclusive” look into your business, which builds trust.

Remember, this list only scratches the surface as to the types of videos you can choose from. You can get as creative as you like. The key is to create an engaging atmosphere for your customers and potential customers.

Uploading Your Video to Different Platforms

Once you have made your video, it is time to upload it, and this is where video helps with marketing. Video is easily implemented on a variety of online outlets. For example, you can upload a video directly onto your web design to help retain web page engagement. However, it doesn’t have to end there. Using social media is a crucial step in finding success with video. Practically all social media sites offer some form of video capability, so it is important to share your videos there as well.

The more places you can upload your content, the better. And you don’t have to upload the same content on every platform. Consider tailoring your videos based on where they will be uploaded. Once uploaded, remember to link to the other videos. This will drive traffic, not only to your other social media pages but also to your website.

Video marketing is a vital tool in your marketing arsenal. To learn more and to see how we can help you create a video marketing strategy to promote your business, contact us.

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