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2 Redesign Features That Might Not Belong

Updating your business’s website is an essential part of attracting new customers. Older sites that look noticeably aged or that don’t include modern, convenient features turn new visitors away. But that doesn’t mean your website needs to, or even should, include every feature possible. Here are two that you should reconsider before adding them to your website redesign:


Animations don’t mean cartoons or video. The more video you have on your website, the better, especially if your users can control when it starts and stops, and it has professional content. Animations are the small additions you could make between additions, like a navigation bar sliding into place instead of just appearing or a sidebar that scrolls down the edge of the screen with a small lag.

These animations add extra flash and visual appeal, but that’s not necessarily what your site visitors are looking for. They also could add additional loading times and delays. More and more online traffic is through mobile devices and public wi-fi, which means you don’t know what sort of conditions your site is being viewed in. Build an easy-to-use site with clean navigation and great content so your viewers can get the answers they’re looking for and start to trust your brand.

Fixed pixel pop-ups

Depending on the nature of your website, you may or may not have third-party advertisements on it. Almost all websites have pop-ups featuring current sales, a mailing list, or customized offers based on the specific web page. When you’re getting these features built out, make sure they include responsive design features. Responsive design is the umbrella term for coding and functions that consider screen size. A responsive web design can benefit your business. But if your ads and pop-ups have a fixed pixel width, they can exceed visitors’ smartphone screen sizes so they can neither sign up nor exit out of the pop-up. That forces them to click back or exit out of the window entirely, and they almost certainly won’t come back.

There are more features that your company should consider carefully before adding to a website redesign. Our web design experts can advise on which features will and won’t optimize your new website.

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