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2 Graphical Elements Your Website Needs

Articles2 Graphical Elements Your Website Needs

The content of your website has to be more than just text. But you already know that. Videos, slideshows, and lots of high-quality photos should do more than simply break up the content. They are content. As a general rule, the preferred content type goes in the order:

  • Video
  • Stationary images
  • Text

But a lot of ground is covered in those top two types of content. Videos aren’t just live-action media skits and commercials. They can include animations, reviews, and simple interviews. Stationary graphics aren’t just pictures; they are also infographics, slide shows, and buttons. The more varied your content type, especially once you cover the basics, the better your message will reach your audience. Here are two more subtypes of graphics to add to your content creators workflow:

Do You Have Illustrations?

Stock photos are a dime a dozen. You need them to add color to your pages, break up the text, and insert a bit of context. But they don’t make your online visitors pause and take notice. Illustrations, on the other hand, are the right kind of content to surprise your readers without causing confusion. Illustrations can be hand-drawn or created on a computer. With the right stylizing, your audience will love them.

However, don’t just include illustrations for the sake of doing so. Make sure they match what you’re telling your audience, whether it’s a clever comic, a diagram, or a detailed representation of something fantastical.

Do You Have Animations?

This doesn’t mean cartoon videos, though there is undoubtedly a market for your simple stick-figure animations in your content gallery. Animations are the simple transition motions that make your web design flow together. The last time you opened an app on your phone, there was an animation switching your view from your home screen to the homepage or from app to app. Some web pages have the basics, but adding them to your design’s details improves the user experience. Animations can make transitions, dropdowns, and floating elements smoother. With professional design, they also won’t slow down your pages’ load times.

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