20 Reasons You Might Need a New Website

A lot of websites today look like they’ve been left in the dark for some time and could use a revamp. The rule of thumb is that you should review your site about every two years. Not sure whether your website needs a redesign? I’ve worked hard and long putting together a checklist to help you find out. Here goes, 20 reasons why you might need a new website:

  1. You can’t find it on Google.
  2. It makes visitors’ eyes bleed.
  3. It was designed by your wife’s cousin’s son-in-law’s next-door neighbor.
  4. It contains a hot links page.
  5. You can’t remember who built it.
  6. The colors are faded.
  7. It was built before the internet was invented.
  8. You don’t have a website.
  9. It has a flash intro screen that says “Skip me”.
  10. Each page opens a new instance of Solitaire.
  11. It can only be seen on Netscape Navigator.
  12. It survived Y2K.
  13. It has a rag sticking out of it.
  14. It shrunk.
  15. No one knows who’s hosting it.
  16. It’s been on the internet so long that it always comes up first in search results.
  17. The pull-down menus are beginning to sag.
  18. The source code is table-based.
  19. It has little relevance to your own business.
  20. The webmaster looked like this:



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