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3 Reasons to Redesign Your Website This Summer

As summer approaches, most people are looking forward to a break from school, family vacations, and working on their tans. However, for your business, it can be the perfect opportunity to consider a redesign of your website. Here are 3 reasons you might want to consider a web design refresh this summer:

1. You Can Get Fresh Attention Right Before Seasonal Changes

The last half of summer brings about new changes for almost everyone. Students from pre-K through graduate studies are returning to school. The temperature is dropping and the full holiday season is just a couple of months away. While those changes may not directly affect every industry, the ripple effects mean you’ll have new traffic patterns hitting your website. More people will be browsing online and spending time on social media, which is a great opportunity for branding yourself on social media and adding a fresh new look to your website.

2. Experts Understand the Current Trends

Redesigning your website on January 1 may seem like a good time to try a new web design since it ties into New Year’s resolutions and fresh starts. While it might not be a bad idea to ring in the new year with a newly redesigned website, it might not be the best time for a rebranding effort, especially if your sales cycle continues into January or your first quarter is a heavy audit season. By the time the summer rolls around, expert web designers know which trends have had the best results and which design elements resonate best with visitors in different niches. Take advantage of their tested knowledge in designing a fresh, relevant website.

3. Freshening Up Your Website Can Help Clean Up Old Content

Rebranding and new web designs don’t just put a fresh face on your company. They are a great opportunity to optimize all of your public-facing infrastructures. You can remove old content and sunset products, and you can refreshen dated content with newer references.

Professional SEO services also can verify all of your links to minimize 404 errors and dead links. Links that don’t work are a red flag to new visitors that your site outdated or improperly maintained. Even worse, if you have dead links showing up in search engine results those active viewers will never reach your site in the first place; they’ll just go back to the results and find another source.

This summer is the perfect time for redesigning your website so you can get it ready for the seasonal rush and peak traffic. Let us help you in building a strong brand online and get your website ready for the post-summer surge.


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