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Websites can handle all matters of media: whether your content is image-heavy, full of video clips, or you add in the occasional GIF, the format of online information is becoming more and more varied because data can be loaded so quickly. One of the best ways to take advantage of the unlimited opportunity for content without cluttering your site is to add images of people.

Why are People the Best Images to Add?

It’s easier to trust in a human face than it is to trust in plain text. Study after study has shown, whether it’s for printed advertisements, television commercials, or online content, showing people is the best way to encourage trust in your website and your services. Here’s how to insert images for the best effect:

  • Use a photo of a smiling person as the backdrop on your landing page. Because a good landing page should have minimal content that is pointed and can be absorbed in a glance, filling the white space with a human is a great way to encourage trust without filling the page with text like too many reviews or testimonials.
  • Edit your thumbnails. No matter what product or service your site is selling, including a person’s face in the thumbnail makes visitors more likely to click on the video. If you keep a person onscreen for the majority of the video, especially if they’re using or holding your product, visitors will trust your content even more.

Adding people to your website will encourage trust and establishes social proof. But make sure you don’t overload and clutter up your site: design principles of minimalism and clear, brief content are still key.



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