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Business Website Design: Professionalism Matters

ArticlesBusiness Website Design: Professionalism Matters

Would you trust your TV commercial production to a middle school student? Probably not. You’d trust professionals employed in a production department, though. Would you trust your entire marketing campaign to someone who read a few books about marketing? Certainly not.

Yet for some unknown reason, business owners, boards, and executives put their faith into freelance website designers with little or no formal education just to save some bucks. It’s no wonder that many times, they get poor results and a bad ROMI.

Maybe you’re reading this because you’ve already had a bad experience and you’re looking for a redesign. Maybe your website doesn’t function right. Perhaps you were made some big promises for some small dollars. Maybe they just took your money and ran! Whatever your circumstance, you are ready to repair the damage and create an effective web design that works for you and your business.

Professionalism Matters

Web development has become ever more technical and nuanced. Whether you’re B2B or B2C, your customers are internet savvy and know the difference between a budget job and professional performance. Don’t trust your company’s reputation to just anyone! You need a website that has more than curb appeal; it requires real functionality. Choose a professional web design company that can execute the task.

Availability matters too. Rather than focusing on the few dollars, you’ll save with a freelancer, note how important it will be to reach a real professional when it matters. When your legal department says you need to change a product name TODAY OR ELSE, will you be able to count on a freelancer?

Branding Matters

Your website needs more than a professional look. It needs to complement the rest of your marketing campaign. When you have logos, launch dates, target dates, events, etc., you might not be able to count on Johnny from down the street to be there every time with a high-end execution for pennies. Your website designer should be like a marketing partner. And the best ones will cost you accordingly.

When it comes to your company’s primary interface with your customers, you get what you pay for. So set aside your first notion of a budget website design and contact our web design professionals to start a conversation on getting your next website right.

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