Contemporary Website Design in 2021

Think of your website as your brick-and-mortar business. Whatever entrance your customer walks through, you want the appearance to feel inviting. There are some timeless tricks to web design that have stood the test of time, like, clean and reliable san-serif fonts or the use of compelling, complementary colors. We’ve gathered some of the most trendy and timeless design elements of 2021.

Big and Bold Typography

Big, eye-catching typography can be used for virtually any website. The idea is to guide the eye to important yet short information. This is a timeless design tool used in print design as well. Old movie posters and Madison Avenue style advertisements have also used large typography in the header to call attention. Good web design knows where to use big and bold typography that is aesthetically pleasing and meaningful.

Re-imagining Retro Colors

Web design that is targeting a younger demographic tends to have a more youthful, stylized design. Bright neon colors still make their way into modern web design, but 2020 has proven that muted and pastel colors are currently on-trend. Trends from bygone eras always make a comeback, but the real trick is to capitalize on that trend by modernizing echoes of the past––one way to do that is with the use of color. We can create a design that gives a nod to the past but with a fresh and contemporary feel.

Edit and Feng Shui the Space on Your Page

Design is not just about color or using different fonts­–it’s about expert knowledge of how to design the space to compel and engage your client. With a poorly designed website, your client might feel overwhelmed or compelled to go elsewhere. You want the design of your website to be clear, easy to navigate, and most importantly, your website should clearly reflect your brand and your services. Editing the space of your website with an emphasis on important messages and placement will create balance.

Our designers are well-versed in all the design rules, both old and new. We will not only meet all of your customer needs in terms of creating a meaningful design, but we will elevate the branding with a fresh, visually exceptional website. Contact us to tell us about your design project.

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