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And you thought cash was king? Nope. Not in web design. Today it’s all about content. I remember back in the day… say 1995, when just having a website was cool. All it needed was some “hotlinks” and flames to gain instant credibility. Consumers back then shopped with you first and visited your website second. Fast forward to 2011… it’s the other way around.

Now website credibility is gained only through fresh and relevant content. Good content drives sales and builds trust with customers AND search engines. Both notice your website (not your listing in the local Yellow Pages) and will visit your site before doing anything else.

Why Templates Don’t Work

It surprises me that so many webmasters skip over the content. They don’t omit it, but they give it second-hand treatment. Shiny web 2.0 buttons and “iconic art” get priority. If a site looks really good it’s bound to sell, right? Maybe this is why so many folks buy pre-cast, out-of-box web templates – they look good. Too bad they miss the point of selling.

The best and most successful websites have been designed with a unique purpose. If you sell high-end red umbrellas to urban dwellers, your website should be designed with high-end red umbrellas for urbanites in mind – something that can’t be done with a generic template. Imaging, graphics, navigation, and most of all, written content, must support and convey your points of differentiation. Imagine sitting down in a restaurant that serves burgers, fries, and chicken tenders. If that same place was completely decorated in Italian style, wouldn’t you feel a bit disconnected and confused? Getting a “pre-fab” website is like opening a high-end eatery out of an old McDonald’s building… crazy right?

Back to Content

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Why are you in this market?
  • How are you better than your competitors?
  • And why should someone buy from you?

It doesn’t matter what you’re selling – if you have a website (and you need one), simply answer these three questions, post it on your site, and you’ll be miles ahead of the competition.

Consider this Homepage text:

“We’ve been family-owned since 1885 and nobody sells red umbrellas as we do. We’re not the best because we’re the biggest. We’re the biggest because we’re the best. We’ve been around longer than anybody. So forget the rest, you found the best! If you want an umbrella like ours, just give us a call.”


“Terry’s Red Umbrellas is here to meet an unmet need in this urban metropolis! Next time it rains, look around. You’ll see mostly drab, depressing hues – cloudy skies, wet streets, walls of glass, and gray buildings. Like bright tulips in a spring rain, Terry knows the color red brightens up dreary days. Thus, the Urban Red Umbrella was born – bringing you a little ray of sunshine on a rainy day!
But wait, these aren’t ordinary red umbrellas from 1885. These umbrellas are specially constructed with highly advanced, eco-friendly lightweight materials available only from Terry’s Red Umbrellas. Designed by renowned French artist Joel Cucumber, these “parasols” deliver style reflecting today’s ultra-modern look with an urban flair. You’ll look first-class, even in bad weather.”

Who would you buy an umbrella from?

This is a shining example of why content is king and how it can make your cash register ring more often. It’s as simple as answering a few questions about why you matter and how you’re different.

I know what you’re thinking, “I don’t have the time to write fancy-schmancy content.” Or maybe, “my writing skills are not so great…” Not to be sales-y or anything but that’s one thing we do here at Drum Creative. We love the concept of branding, and we can help you tell the world your best story. Want copy like ours? Just give us a call.

It’s time to get out of your rut & showcase your red umbrella.

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