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Have You Been Left in the Dark?

ArticlesHave You Been Left in the Dark?

It has come to my attention that quite often web design companies are simply designing a website and then leaving clients to fend for themselves. This is like giving a sleek, new car to a 10-year-old and telling him to “drive.” Of course, every company wants a well-designed site that functions well and can be clearly read by search engines. But once you have a shiny new website up and running, what are you going to do with it in a few months when things need to be changed?

Like a few recent clients, you could get locked into a two or three-year contract with a design/hosting company. These clients were being charged $190.00/month for maintenance that wasn’t being done…. Amazing, right? They were expecting this hosting company to give them suggestions on the what, where, when, and how in terms of website updates and upgrades. Of course, this never happened.

What did we do? We showed them the light.

We provide what many others don’t – flexibility.  Whether you need more done this month, or less the next, you’ll only be charged for the time that went into your project. No “ifs, and’s or buts” about it. We will always consult with you before doing any work, and the work is only done on an approved basis.

So how does this solve your content management needs?

Each of our websites is designed with you and your business in mind. I know, it might sound cheesy, but it’s true! Drum Creative takes the time to show you how to login to your online content management system and change your own content. We actually teach you how to drive before we put you at the wheel.
Of course, we’re always here for the more complicated updates/changes, but we empower you to post blogs and change word content on your own. Sound good? Then you came to the right place. Even better, you won’t pay extra for it – it’s already included in our prices and packages. Let’s be serious, your company is a pretty big deal. Isn’t it time you let your hosting company know it!?

Say goodbye to the days of being lost in the dark when it comes to your website. The new, do-it-yourself age is here – and it is pretty awesome.



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