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3 Reasons DIY Builders Don’t Generate Leads

Articles3 Reasons DIY Builders Don’t Generate Leads

When most people think about designing an effective website for their business, they have one goal in mind — generating leads. They want a site that’s attractive, budget-friendly, and tells visitors why they need to buy from their company.

DIY website builders offer an attractive choice for quickly launching a web design. Within just a few hours, you can sign up, set up a domain name, and throw together a reasonably decent-looking site. It might be a bit frustrating to learn the interface. And, figuring out what pages to include and what to put on those pages might be mentally exhausting, but you can get it done.

However, a website has a job to do.

It’s supposed to attract visitors, explain your value proposition (why they should choose you), and encourage them to contact you. It’s not likely that a quick DIY website will do that job well. Let us show you why.

1. Failure to Communicate Your Value

It may seem like communicating your value would be easy. You list your services. You explain why you’re better than your competitors. Easy.

The problem is that people often forget the most important aspect of their site — their future customers. What brought them to you in the first place? What problem were they having, or what goal are they trying to reach?

Your website’s content should communicate how your solution is going to help move them from their current state of need to a happy and fulfilled state where they’ve solved their issue.

2. Your Site Isn’t Optimized for Search

Optimizing your site for search engines is more complicated than most people realize. Plugins like Yoast SEO for WordPress can give you a false sense of success by using easy-to-understand guidelines with red, yellow, and green light indicators to show that you’ve completed all the SEO steps.

These tools don’t give you the full picture; they simply show you a few on-page search optimizations available. This means that they can look at each page and show you some of the typical to-do’s, but they don’t examine your overall site. They also can’t show you what terms or keywords people are using to search and find you.

3. You’re Good at What You Do

You’re an expert in your industry. You provide valuable products and services to your customers through hard work, experience, and skill. Web design and web development isn’t your specialty — it’s ours.

At Drum Creative, we have over fifteen years of experience building websites for businesses just like yours. We have the skill and expertise to design impact for your business so you can focus on doing what you do best and let us build a site designed to help you grow.

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