Less Can Be More

As the bloated Christmas holiday gives way to the pared-down penance of a New Year, the phrase “less is more” is used, ironically, a lot more. Whether it is our historically Puritan ethic or just plain trial-and-error, the concept that more is not necessarily better holds promise in many areas.

When we start to realize that we can get by with less stuff, we try to simplify by removing unnecessary elements so we can focus on what’s truly important. Here at Drum Creative, we focus on web design for lovely Greenville, SC. And we’ve discovered that less can be a whole lot more.

Here’s what I mean …

We follow a minimalist philosophy with our custom website designs. Translation: our approach to web design reduces the clutter that diverts visitors away from the main content. By adding in only what’s necessary, we create a website that caters specifically and solely to its mission.

What type of car lot are you?

A website is much like a car lot. For example, a used car lot can be filled with every make, model, and year of car, truck, and SUV manufactured in the last fifteen years. In efforts to grab attention, that used car lot can run a huge SALE and put a massive balloon GORILLA in their lot (which has nothing to do with purchasing a car but hey, look, it’s a gigantic gorilla!!), decorate with colorful flag and streamers, have free food and even invite the local radio station BROADCAST a raffle on a Saturday afternoon.

On the other end of town, there’s a car dealership that employs a minimalist philosophy: if it doesn’t directly help you accomplish your goal quickly and effectively (select and purchase a car), then it does not exist. Minimal doesn’t mean barren, there are fresh-brewed coffee and ice cold soft drinks available in case you get thirsty, but there’s no hot dog vendor or balloon animal outside.

Where would you rather buy your next car?

But I digress … there is a point to be made: there are benefits of minimalist web design for both website owners and visitors.

The benefits of minimal web design

Consider the numbers: website visitors spend only a few seconds on your web page. And the more elements a page contains, the less impact each element has. How can you pay attention to that 2005 Corolla on the lot when there’s a live broadcast and free hotdogs???

There are other benefits to minimalist design, including faster load time, fewer server resources, increased front-end web performance, and a better user experience. Another powerful advantage that helps turn visitors into customers? Usability to the point where no one could possibly be confused in any instance when visiting your site.

Less is also more work … for us

Think all this minimalist talk is just a way for our designers and coders to be lazy? Au contraire! Minimalism takes just as much thought, planning, and production as any other type of website. Plus, making the code and design do more with less is actually a LOT more work.  Sometimes, it’s downright painful. Like picking your favorite child or favorite car.

So don’t let simple-looking web designs fool you; there is more going on with them than what can be seen on the surface.

Sometimes, more is more too …

I am not saying minimalism is all we do here at Webworx – we would never try to fit a round-peg client into a square hole. Some websites have products and customers who want and expect balloon gorillas and pie-throwing contests. And we design beautiful, powerful, spot-on websites for those clients as well.

No matter what type of client or website, our goal is always the same: to create custom website design that helps the user focus and accomplish their tasks while creating the most pleasant user experience possible.

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