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Why Reducing Clicks Increases Interaction

ArticlesWhy Reducing Clicks Increases Interaction

Websites need to be pretty. That’s been a long-established Internet norm for company websites. If you wow your visitors with great graphics, exciting images, and cool interactive features, you make your site a more enjoyable place to go. While the visual impact is a large part of successful web design, it’s not the only one. Customers want a beautiful expressway, not a long scenic route. Here are three reasons to focus on navigation when choosing your next web design service:

Customer Frustration is a Permanent Strike Against Your Brand

Online competition is at its highest point yet, and that means prospective customers have their pick of suppliers and companies. They can have a long list of expectations and leave one company for another if the second one of those expectations isn’t met. It’s one thing to lose their attention on a marketing video that just misses the mark or an ad that reaches them at the wrong time. It’s another thing entirely to have a website that’s hard to navigate, doesn’t have working links, or has a dysfunctional search feature. Look for a web design service that ensures smooth navigation and no broken links.

The Fewer Taps, the Better

Most of your web traffic will be on a mobile device. Tapping, scrolling, and typing are getting easier on smartphones, but it’s still inconvenient. Make a list of your key products, customer personas, and online offers. If someone unfamiliar with your site can’t reach each page in three clicks or less, your content is hard to navigate. If you can’t reach them in three clicks or less, your content is impossible to navigate. While a determined visitor might get to the right landing page or product link, you’re relying on their tenacity instead of your site’s quality.

Putting your site to the test is just the first part of a high-quality web redesign. We have the experience and expertise to make your site clean, easy to navigate, and still beautiful.

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