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Hiring an Agency vs. Individual Employee

ArticlesHiring an Agency vs. Individual Employee

Hiring an Agency vs. Individual Employee

When a company needs to add services to its current repertoire, they generally have one of two options: to either hire an individual employee to fill that role or to hire an agency. While both options can have their benefits, in this post, we will discuss why hiring an agency is generally the best way to go for smaller businesses. Especially considering that much smaller companies only need the service at certain times or need someone to work part-time to get the work done.

Pros & Cons of Hiring An Individual Employee vs. An Agency

When your company needs additional “hands on deck,” the first option most companies think of is to hire another employee to join their company. While that may work for many companies, for others, the cost of hiring someone and adding on another full-time salary to an already-tight payroll may not be an option. However, the need for additional help does not go away.

Before a company makes a final decision, it’s time that they sit down and determine the pros and cons of hiring another full-time employee.

Pros of an Individual Employee:

  • The person hired works exclusively for your company.
  • You have their undivided attention as they do not have to work for several companies at one time.
  • The only fee you have to pay to hire that person are those associated with their salary and benefits.
  • May make budgeting easier.

Cons of Hiring an Individual Employee:

  • The individual can only work so many hours (if your company needs more support, one person may not be able to do all the necessary work)
  • One person will have limited working knowledge and skillsets.
  • Teaching an individual employee all the new skills you need them to know could take quite a bit of time.
  • You have to pay the person’s entire salary and all their benefits, which could get costly.

On the other hand, you could hire an agency that specializes in that specific area of expertise and engage them to do the work you need. This way, you won’t have to worry about the one person you hire having enough work or too much work to handle. Here are some advantages of hiring an agency to do the same job as an individual employee would do:

Advantages of Hiring an Agency:

  • You get the expertise and knowledge of multiple people working for your company.
  • Those employees are specially trained in what their agency does, making them “experts” of some sort in the industry in which they work.
  • Multiple employees mean that they have more work hours to put towards your projects and business needs.
  • Hiring the services of an agency is generally much cheaper than paying an entire employee’s salary plus all of their benefits which saves your business money.

An Agency is the Best Choice

The agencies come out being the best choice as they are usually a lot less expensive than paying someone’s entire salary and benefits, which can get exceptionally costly. More employees working with your company means that you have a versatile group of workers that help your business get things done. Moreover, many agencies have a plan that only requires you to pay for the work hours and services you will use based on your business needs. That can also help save you extra money.

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