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How Good Web Design Changes Visitor Behavior

When you run a business, knowing what to prioritize is one of the most important skills for driving growth. While you may have a long list of changes you want to test out or new ideas that you think are worth a shot, time is limited. But no matter what business you’re in or what stage of growth your business is at, having a strong web design should be one of your highest priorities. Here’s why:

Website Appearance Impacts Visitor Behavior

Everything is a click away, so capturing your market’s attention is hard and keeping it focused on your product is even harder. The majority of internet users prefer content on a beautiful site rather than on a plain one, even if readability and functionality aren’t impacted. Over a third of your visitors will also click away if graphics take too long to load, so having the most efficient website interface that puts a priority on images can keep your visitors around longer.

Not All Traffic Comes From Computers

A significant percentage of it is coming from smartphones and tablets that vary widely in size and style. Most do-it-yourself website building doesn’t fully incorporate style elements to allow for changing screen sizes and different operating systems. If your site isn’t a responsive web design it won’t translate well to a smaller touchscreen or some of the links will overlap and become unreadable causing you to lose a lot of traffic.

Your website is one of the only ways your customers will interact with your business. Make sure it stays open and welcoming to the widest array of visitors possible so you’re not accidentally turning away business. Visit our site to learn more tips about styling your site and the value of professional web design. Contact us to see how we can help you grow your business.

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