How Much Should My Website Cost?

I’m not saying you should just throw money at it. You don’t have to. The price of setting up a website can vary from a thousand dollars to several thousand. The one’s we produce here start at around $3,500.

There are many variables to consider when pricing out your new website. Your best value is achieved when that website gets seen by the right people, provides a compelling experience, and generates the desired action. Finding designers who will help you accomplish that goal is paramount. Because if that goal is achieved, the price won’t be an issue. The results more than pay for the investment.

If your website doesn’t get results, it’s a total waste of money. Don’t fall prey to the notion that websites are a commodity and going for one of those DIY TV commercials advertising “Get a Free Website and Watch Your Business Grow Like Crazy!”

Inevitably the finished product will be a disconnected website created from an over-used template. Bad at attracting traffic and bad at getting your phone to ring. Remember, good web design is not a commodity. If you treat it as such, you’re better off keeping what you currently have or doing nothing at all.

A website will always pay for itself if it:

Does these three things – Gets your visitor’s attention; Engages them with good content; Calls them to action. It’s about converting visitors to customers. These three important elements are what pays the freight. This is quite a simple design strategy but seems to elude most web designers.

Is clean & professional looking – We’ve all seen the opposite. Websites filled with so many flashy graphics that you’re not even sure what the page is about or where to start. You don’t want anything on your site that distracts from your message or the site’s goals or one that uses the same staged, cheesy images purchased from stock photography sites.

Has strong messaging aimed at your target audience – Website visitors are people who are thinking of their problem and how to solve it. We take steps to ensure your website will engage them because they’ll see their present thoughts on the web page in front of them.

Is easy for your new customers to find Be sure you’re working with a web design company who understands the essentials of SEO so potential customers can find your website. This doesn’t have to be expensive.

A web design worth its price requires graphic design, programming and marketing expertise. You should hire a company that’s experienced in assembling all three. It’s a trifecta rarely found in the skill set of a single designer.

When you come to visit our design studio you’ll see and meet the entire team of experts who will work on your project. Our quotes are legit and valid. If you get a quote for less it usually means that one of or more of those three important functions listed above is being skipped.

You need to feel confident that the final result is a website that’s going to pay for itself, over and over and over again. When done properly, it will. It will also be one of the best investments you’ll have ever made.

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