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Is Your Website Built Around Service Design?

ArticlesIs Your Website Built Around Service Design?

Every element of web design should be geared around the user’s experience. In the past, this principle focused on the general user’s experience:

  • Can everyone navigate your site with relative ease?
  • Is your site searchable?
  • Can someone unfamiliar with your specific site easily make a purchase without obstacles?

But automation and more complex software verging on artificial intelligence can do even better. The emerging trend for optimal website customization in 2018 and beyond is service design. Service design focuses on how individual customers will interact with your website at different points of the buyer’s journey. If you can identify types of customers quickly to give them the user experiences and services they need, you can more quickly make a sale and establish a good relationship with that individual. Here are two aspects of service design your website should include:

1. Match the Visitor’s Experience With Their Position on the Buyer’s Journey

Not every online visitor is ready to make a purchase, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t have content that fits their needs. Sometimes traffic is looking for the solution to a specific problem, or they are researching the features of a service without looking for a specific provider. If your website can give them the information they need with tailored links, offer the right mailing list bonus, and minimize hard sales tactics or promotional content they aren’t ready for, they are more likely to come back when they are ready to buy.

2. Create Scenarios For Service Blueprinting

The general buyer’s journey outlines how a buyer moves from questions about a problem or a service through comparative research and the final process. Service blueprinting involves taking a closer look at what each of your likely ‘customer profiles’ is likely to be experiencing and how different motivations change their buying process. If you can blueprint your website to anticipate likely customer scenarios, you can better fulfill their expectations and needs.

Redesigning your website to anticipate buyer behavior is tricky. Let our web design experts help you with your next web design projects. We also offer services related to SEO and Branding.

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