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Why Does Responsive Design Matter?

ArticlesWhy Does Responsive Design Matter?

As of 2015, 13% of adults access the Internet through mobile devices only. Most users reach the same site through a combination of laptops, tablets, and smartphones, depending on what they have on hand. Being able to provide a user interface that adapts to each screen with minimal changes is important to keep those visitors engaged on all of their devices, and that’s where responsive design comes in.

What is Responsive Design?

Responsive design is a style of design that focuses on creating websites that change based on users’ behavior: the formatting of the site changes based on screen size, device type, and even screen orientation. For example, elements might shrink or simplify for a smaller screen, and a business’s phone number will become clickable on a phone so you can call a company straight from their site.

What’s the Best Way to Incorporate Responsive Design Into Your Site?

Even though website templates often incorporate bits of responsive design, adding all of the functionality can be difficult to manage on your own. The best way to make sure your website is fully functional and attractive to users across multiple devices is to have a professional manage your web design. Not only do the experts keep track of the latest trends and new tricks for iOS updates and other operating systems, but they can also test your site across a wider range of devices, systems, and browsers so no one is excluded from your market. A responsive web design can benefit your business in many ways.

Statistics show that over a third of visitors will leave a site if the content is unattractive, and even more, will leave your site if the links don’t work quite right or the formatting jumbles the information. Contact our responsive design experts to ensure you’re making the most of your website.


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