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Staying Ahead of the Web Design Curve

ArticlesStaying Ahead of the Web Design Curve

The complexity of web development grows every day and here at Drum Creative, each member of our team is dedicated to staying ahead of that multi-dimensional curve. You may be wondering what I am referring to as being multi-dimensional? Well, I’m glad you asked…

Many people don’t realize how many components go into the success of a website… some of these vital pieces include SEO, usability, conversion rate, top-notch design, and clear, concise copywriting to name a few. However, the success of a website isn’t dependent on just any one aspect.

Dedicated to What Matters

I’ve always been about achieving balance in all aspects of life and that spills over into my philosophy of web design creation. We don’t get so focused on creativity that we lose sight of usability… we don’t focus so much on content that the design turns into a blob of gray… we don’t focus only on fast, clean code that works beautifully behind a horrendous design.

I think you get the point—it is the team that works together and pools their expertise to create truly great websites.

What Makes Us Different

I did a little research and found that we are one of the few (if not the only) web development firms in the Upstate that has specific team members dedicated to each of the pieces:  copywriting, design, usability, development, and project management. All of our competitors have at least one weak area, but our fabric has no holes, no wrinkles.

It’s All About the Process

So today, at this very moment, our team is taking a local company through our design relationship process and developing an effective website for them. We can do that for you, too.

We're excited to help you!

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