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Three Reasons to Design Your Website on WordPress

ArticlesThree Reasons to Design Your Website on WordPress

If you need a website, customized and professional web design is the only way to go. Not only does that give your customer the best platform for interacting with your brand, but your employees also get the best tools for doing their specific tasks on the backend of the website. But that doesn’t mean you want everything about the experience to be custom-created and unique to you, and that starts with the hosting platform. Here are three reasons for using WordPress:

1. Built For Content Creation and Monetizing

A website isn’t just an interface or a landing page to tell potential customers about your business. It’s also far more than a collection of widgets, graphics, and sound design principles. That’s why you need a reliable engine behind your company’s website, handling all of the algorithms, security, and functions.

Think about the last time you used a custom database that was created explicitly for that company. It may have done what its job was at the point of creation, but a custom widget on Salesforce is incomparable. You want the same thing for your website: a custom design over a well-built, industry-standard application.

2. Team-Member Access

The web designing service that you hire isn’t the only team that will be accessing your website behind the scenes. Your content creation team, social media guru, SEO professional, and marketing department all need to be able to use the platform to post and analyze information. Using a standard platform like WordPress opens up the applicant pool to more in your niche.

3. Better Security

Online security changes all the time. For example, Google Chrome started warning users against HTTP sites. Different countries require different cookie warnings. Instead of adding every update to your manual to-do list, get your website built on a platform whose job is to handle that for millions of sites.

WordPress should be the foundation for your business site. Contact Greenville’s leading web design team to learn more about how WordPress can help you and your business.

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