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Two Important Web Design Practices to Keep In Mind

ArticlesTwo Important Web Design Practices to Keep In Mind

When designing a web page, there are several things you have to keep in mind. What layout is right for me? What is the purpose of my website? How much information should I provide to potential customers? How should that information be formatted? But before your business focuses on such details, let’s get back to basics. Before you start designing anything, remember the foundational principles of building a good web design. Here are two essential tips for any web designer.

Mobile-First Design

With slightly over half of the world’s internet traffic now taking place on mobile devices, having a website optimized for mobile experiences is a must. But many web designers leave mobile optimization for the end of the site-building process. This is a mistake, and such developers often end up in trouble. Putting off mobile design until the end is a bad practice because optimizing a desktop website for mobile is much more difficult than optimizing a mobile site for a desktop. If you’ve ever encountered a website with a lousy mobile UI, it was probably because a web designer left mobile design for the end.

Because of this, mobile-first design has cemented itself as a popular and efficient web development process for businesses interested in ensuring a solid experience on any device. By first creating a fully functional mobile interface, a web designer can proceed to add more complex features to the subsequently designed tablet and desktop interfaces without the risk of a dysfunctional mobile site.

Don’t Forget Simple On-Site SEO

While SEO is an expansive and complex field with dozens of subfields, the basics aren’t nearly so daunting. Ensuring every image has an alt tag, ensuring every article has a meta description and deleting any broken links are just a few examples of on-site SEO techniques anyone can implement. By weaving simple SEO best practices into your web design process, your site will have a leg up for more intensive future SEO projects and naturally rank better in search engines.

These are two important practices to keep in mind while designing a website. Following these rules will provide your site with a superior foundation from which to build and prevent many avoidable issues down the road.

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