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Web Design For Our New Digital Landscape In 2020

ArticlesWeb Design For Our New Digital Landscape In 2020

Web design always has been and always will be an art and science. Now more than ever, you need highly relevant and engaging content that attracts search engines and customers to your website. How can you take the steps necessary to make sure your site performs well in our current digital landscape?

It’s The Data

Data is available to businesses from a variety of sources, but when we’re talking web, we’re talking about search engine analytics, and digital sales when applicable. Hopefully, if you’re operating an eCommerce store, you have some kind of data available to you and your sales and marketing teams that allows you to dive deep into customer shopping trends and acquisition. Understanding your customer base is vital in crafting a strategy for your brand. Before you craft any content, you should consider the services and products that are already performing well for you.

Existing customer data is great, but we have a slew of tools available to us now that enable us to see how our website visitors are finding us, and what they are doing on our site, regardless of whether a purchase is made. Discovering and understanding your website’s search engine and visitor metrics is a key step to consider when designing, redesigning, or simply revamping your site in any way.

Content Is King, Always

Websites nowadays are expected to be clean, easy to navigate, and fully responsive to the needs of mobile and tablet users. Any web designer you talk to should drive these points home to you, and you should listen, but there is so much more to the equation.

What good is an attractive and efficient website if the content is lacking? Little good is the answer.

Web users now expect your brand to have quality content that serves their needs and is driven by behavioral and demographic data. You should be implementing the data analysis techniques we’ve talked about above and need to implement things like Google Analytics, Google Search Console, and other tools that help you to craft winning content.

Users aren’t the only ones looking at your content; search engines now require your site to have a well-formatted, quality copy that uses relevant keywords and serves a purpose. Take the time to consider these concepts when looking at how you’re going to compete online in 2020.

We’re Here

And, we’re just scratching the surface. Your business will benefit from having an understanding of how SEO improves your website.

Choosing the right website designer for your business is your first step in developing a successful content strategy. Contact us for a quick chat so you can begin crafting a winning strategy with your web design efforts now and in the future. We’re here to help!

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