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Responsive Design and Your Business

ArticlesResponsive Design and Your Business

Research has shown that eight-in-ten Americans are online shoppers and will likely use their mobile phones to do it. And given the increasing popularity of mobile device usage, we’ll see this figure continue to rise in the future. Among the reasons why mobile e-commerce has become so popular is the ability of online stores to adapt to mobile users. Given how small mobile screens are and how tiny the keyboard buttons appear, e-commerce sites need to develop a mobile-responsive version of their website to cater to these mobile shoppers.

Why Is Responsive Web Design Important

In fact, mobile responsiveness has become such an important concept that Google published a guideline for websites to follow to make their sites mobile-responsive. Websites that fail to update risk facing a penalty by Google. This penalty includes lower rankings in SERPs and limited access to many of Google’s services.

Not having a responsive web design will hurt your business first. Imagine a potential customer arriving at your website on their mobile device. They are presented with the default desktop version of your website, which doesn’t adapt at all to the smaller mobile screen resolution. All texts look too small, and they would have to scroll horizontally to read the whole sentence. How would it make them feel? Remember that you only have, on average, about 0.05 seconds to impress the user, or they will click away.

How to Make Your Site Responsive

Responsive web design starts with proper planning. Working with an experienced web designer by choosing the right website designer for your business will help you avoid mistakes that may be costly to fix later. It’s best to start the design process with mobile responsiveness in mind. However, if you already have a traditional website aimed at desktop users, making that site responsive is not a problem. Contact us today to learn about different options to make your website responsive!

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