Why You Need To Work With An Agency

ArticlesWhy You Need To Work With An Agency

It’s time for your company/business to start the marketing push to take it to the next level. Word brochure templates and do-it-yourself websites just aren’t cutting it anymore. Your capabilities and more importantly your time has reached the end, and you need to get the business back – your business. So now you need to determine who is going to do the work for you. This usually breaks down into 2 camps: freelance and agency.

Freelance vs. Agency

From the outside, the freelance option looks like a great deal. They can be good at what I do, the “total” is usually less, and a lot of the time their full-time job is working at an agency. This initially fits the “tight budget” that small business owners are generally looking for.

On the other hand, you have the agency. Of course, they can be small, medium, or large just like any other company. This will always consist of a team to work on your project. Just like in team sports, each one is good at what they do for the project. With this option, you are getting the full requirements needed to professionally represent your business.

When you have a need for a brochure or a web design, there are a lot of things that need to be worked on by someone. We have already determined that your time and capabilities can’t be used. The freelancer you are looking at isn’t going to have the ability to meet all your needs for this project. Of course, he can get you “in touch” with someone who does: writing on the side, dabbled in SEO, can program that needed database integration, and all the other things that will be needed. That initial lower price point starts to rise as with your needs. Then there’s project management. Who is going to oversee the entire project and get it there on point, on time, and on budget?

Value and Expertise

The agency has all of these capabilities (and more) including the ability to meet during regular business hours. Their price includes all the elements you want (and some you didn’t know you needed). Normally, the timeline is kept and revisions are at a minimum. Value for expertise(s) is why the agency option is the one to go with in the long run for your business. Contact our experts, using the form below, to get your business moving forward.


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