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Web Design and WordPress – The Dynamic Duo

ArticlesWeb Design and WordPress – The Dynamic Duo

Better Together

I still remember afternoons waiting for my favorite crime-fighting superhero, Batman, to come on TV. I would plop down in front of the screen and take in every second of the experience. I loved everything from the bright colors and images to the upbeat theme music. I could not wait to see what seemingly inescapable situations would befall my hero. Although the show was titled Batman, it was really about Batman AND Robin. At the time, Robin seemed insignificant to me. His outfit wasn’t as cool, and he wasn’t all that important to the show until there was a big problem that Batman couldn’t solve alone. To use Star Wars language, he was a Padawan learner, and Batman was the Jedi Master and the main reason that I watched the show. But looking back, Batman would not have been as successful or fun to watch without Robin. While they both brought individual strengths to the show, they were better together and would later become known as the Dynamic Duo.

Designing A Hero

I think of web design and WordPress in much the same way. Like Batman, quality web design might appear to be the hero or the reason that a person would plop down in front of a computer screen and spend time reading, shopping, or scanning through a site. It often appears to be the main character, and its colors, images, and graphics engage our senses. While web design might be the main character from one vantage point, it takes more than just a pretty picture to make a website successful and fun to navigate.

The Suitable Sidekick

WordPress, on the other hand, is a lot like Robin. It plays a support role that is not as upfront as the hero of good web design. Yet, when you take a more in-depth look, you see its role is much more significant to the overall experience and helps to solve a lot of potential problems. Individually, design can draw you in, make you stay longer, and even sell you something, but if the function doesn’t follow design then it can be a disaster. If your site is slow, hard-to-navigate, or its content is outdated, then the user experience becomes forgetful, and the design meaningless.

A Powerful Partnership

Great web design, combined with WordPress, can create a dynamic duo that brings a customer to an attractive, relevant site that functions in a way that makes the entire experience both memorable and profitable. We invest a lot of time in our clients, learning about their business, and making sure that our design not only looks great but reflects the client in every way. We build that design on top of WordPress and train our clients to add their content and media to keep their sites fresh, relevant, and productive.

In our future blogs, we will highlight some practices for creating great web designs and some of the functional benefits of using WordPress. So check back soon. Same drum time, same drum channel.



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