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Your Site Needs These Three Floating Elements

Your website needs to be content-heavy. That doesn’t mean your site should be cluttered with text or chock full of paragraphs. But the quality, quantity, and formatting of your content play a large part in how much exposure your brand has online. But with long-form articles comes restrictions in navigation. Users don’t like scrolling back and forth to find what they’re looking for, and even that small inconvenience can make them look elsewhere. Good web design includes easy navigation and here are three floating elements that can help to keep it simple:

1. Include a floating navigation bar.

Scrolling is annoying even on a desktop or a laptop computer. But it can be close to impossible on a tablet or smartphone. So if readers get their answer halfway through your long-form article, or they realize the article isn’t for them, they won’t want to scroll to the top of the article. So make sure your navigation bar follows them down the screen.

If you have a mobile-first design, then smaller devices should have a navigation bar with your company name and a drop-down menu.

2. Keep your sidebars scrolling.

Most users won’t be able to see your sidebars. Mobile design focuses on just the central content. Even tablets don’t always keep the sidebars in view. But if you have a user who has settled in on their laptop or desktop, they probably plan on browsing for a while. Make sure there’s always a feed of new content to catch their eye the second they’re done with the central post.

3. Add a relevant CTA under the navigation bar.

You don’t want too much clutter on the screen. But a CTA, or a call to action, is essential for boosting your conversions. Your website designers can hook a second banner under your navigation bar. Depending on your website, it could be the same across all articles, or you can make a tailored banner for different types of articles for the best results. Floating features, as long as they don’t clog the screen, make the user experience better.

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