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Continue Contact After a Trade Show Ends

ArticlesContinue Contact After a Trade Show Ends

Not everyone who stops by your trade show booth is ready to buy something. But unlike visitors who browse through a physical store or spend a few minutes on your site, they can’t come back later even if they want to. That means it’s essential to make a relationship with everyone who passes by your booth, even if they’re not quite a customer yet. Here’s how:

Make sure your sign includes a QR code or unique hashtag

The most important part of having a booth is to get your name out there, but you have to be both accessible and relevant to get meaningful traffic. Instead of hoping that your leads remember your business’s name, have a variety of ways for them to find you. This can be a QR code that leads them straight to your site or, even better, a special offer that incentivizes them to make contact; it could also be a hashtag that gets them on your radar so you can contact them later.

Have a variety of mailing list options

People don’t want an avalanche of emails, and if that’s what they suspect they’re going to get, they won’t give you their email no matter what you’re offering. Take their suspicions into consideration and offer a list of 3-5 mailing list options. These can be tailored to only product-specific emails, sales and tips, or everything. To get particularly cautious leads, offer an option of a one-time contact with a discount or free incentive. You won’t be able to contact them again unless the one-time email encourages them to interact with your site or make a purchase, but it’s much better than nothing.

Trade shows are a great opportunity to make an impression, but you need to have a plan for a lasting impression. Make sure your mailing lists have enough options to draw in the widest range of useful leads, and always make sure people can find you again.

Contact us for more trade show design tips for getting the most out of your special events. We also provide a wide variety of services related to the design of your trade show booth including displays, print materials, banners, signage, promotional pieces, and more.

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