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Market Your Business Using Video

ArticlesMarket Your Business Using Video

The creation of in-house content for digital media is being adopted by a variety of companies thanks to the many platforms available online. YouTube is the largest used platform for video content, but other social media platforms are also using video to communicate with various demographics. According to a 2019 Wyzowl survey, 80% of marketers felt that video has directly helped increase their sales. There are many advantages of using video to grow your business. So what makes video production an essential tool for businesses?

How Video Facilitates Marketing For Businesses

Traffic Generation

Videos shared on social media can generate traffic for business websites. Most consumers don’t have the patience to read through the text. However, a short clip on social media can get their attention. A company can do a quick ad and get to market what they are offering to consumers on social media, and this can increase their website traffic.


Creativity helps to capture an audience’s interest. A video has the potential of going viral when it captivates the audience. This happens through the use of social media platforms whereby the audience views and shares the content with other users. For content to be shared widely, it has to be humorous or resonate with most people. The video does not have to be high-budget, but it has to be entertaining.


If you are launching a product or you want to better market your product, you can demonstrate using visuals. This helps create a better understanding of your product to consumers. Companies can also develop customer testimonials that help create a compelling message. This can be displayed on a company’s website and is useful for brand credibility.

Videos are essential in starting conversations and engaging with your target audience. If you’re wanting to add video to your marketing plan, contact us to start a conversation and learn how we can help you discover the best video strategies for your company.

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