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Why Your Business Should Consider A Website Redesign

Business owners understand that marketing their products and services is vitally important to staying afloat. However, for some, it’s all too easy to become complacent about marketing efforts as they find themselves continually caught up in day-to-day operational challenges. In this post, we will outline some key points business owners should consider if they want to maintain a competitive web presence.

Your Website is Not Your Brand

If you’ve spent time and resources to develop a brand for your company, that’s great, but a website is just a tool to convey that brand. It’s okay if you want to keep your branding presence the same. However, if any features could make your site more accessible and convenient for customers, they’re going to want to see them on your site, especially if they find helpful features on the websites of your competitors.

The Ever-Evolving Internet

Just as new IT products and services are continually upgraded and promoted to the general public, so are the tools and technologies that developers use to create the latest websites. A mere five years ago, very few people used their smartphones to visit sites. Today, almost half of all website traffic comes from smartphone use. Just as the way in which people access sites has evolved, so have web design tools. If you want a website that is modern, responsive, and easy to use, then it’s essential to take advantage of the new tools that developers can use to make a site look fresh and ready to meet the needs of clients.

How to Know

Listed below are some questions to ask yourself about your web presence. If you answer “no” for most of the questions, it’s probably time to modernize.

  1. Does your site look as fresh as the sites of your competitors?
  2. Do you get more positive than negative comments about your site?
  3. Is your site mobile-friendly?
  4. Are your online sales continuing to see growth?

On average, websites go through a redesign every two to three years. Allowing your site to remain the same for longer than that runs the risk of turning off clients as they perceive your site has been neglected and become stagnant. If you would like to know more about how a redesign can keep your online presence by making it fresh and competitive, please contact us!

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