Grind Relief Products

The Problem

GrindRelief provides a teeth-grinding solution that works better, lasts longer, and costs less than other mouthguard solutions, but they were struggling to show their customers how their product is superior to the competition because they lacked quality product photography. At Drum Creative, we understand most consumers will not buy a product without seeing what it is and understanding how it works.

Our Solution

We noticed that the images of the GrindRelief device not fully formed may appear intimidating to consumers and we wanted to showcase how the device looked after it was formed specifically for each individual. We also wanted to get some lifestyle images showing someone experiencing relief after using the device. As a result, Drum Creative captured different images to really show off the product and the size of the product, how it looks before and after being formed, the case it comes in, and also a consumer using the product.

Services Provided

Don’t hurt your brand’s image with bad photography.

Create the visual appeal your marketing needs with eye-popping images