Our Process

Our Process

Everyone wants a good return on their investment.

That’s why every project we do has a well-defined process so that it will match your branding and finish on time, so that you can simply relax and enjoy the creative process.


The Discovery Phase

You Talk - We Listen

Whether we’re designing a website or starting a social media campaign, video project, or designing a magazine, the first step when working with Drum is always the discovery phase.

This might involve just a few simple questions or a brainstorming meeting, but by the end we will finalize the goals and deadlines for your project with you and your team so everyone has a clear plan.

a portrait image of clients sitting in a meeting

And get your questions answered

Set a budget and clear deadlines

And both sign an estimated budget contract


We Make It Happen

Your Vision - Our Expertise

Even the best design in the world can’t fix bad content. That’s why we make the time at the beginning to review all your content to make sure the wording, photos, and graphics for your project are professional and completely align with your brand’s story. 

You’ll maintain full control of the design by adding your comments to our proofs and prototypes and we won’t stop until you’re completely happy with the final product.

a man and woman looking at an iMac screen and discussing what is on the screen

And we will help you refine your brand’s story and schedule any neded photo & video shoots

Meet weekly to see the status of your project and give your feedback on revisions

And make sure your project keeps moving on-time and on-budget


Drum Up Business

With an Excellent Launch

The success of your project hinges on a smooth launch. To make sure that happens, we check all the boxes when finalizing the project and we’re always available to support you with any problems you might encounter in the future. 

You have a dedicated partner that’s rooting for your success and we’re ready to help you bring in more business with your next project.

several orange and white communication and social media platform icons on a faded light green. background

All projects go through quality checks by multiple team members

You’ve got our full support for any issues you may run into after your project launches

We’re the one-stop-shop for all your future marketing needs