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Trade Show Road Signs To Success

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Do you have an upcoming trade show, conference or business-related event in which you would like to profile your company or the services that your company offers?  When it comes to helping your company promote its services we do much more than just web design. We can design a creative and attractive display that will draw attention to you and cause people to STOP and notice you.


Canal Insurance approached us about helping them design a trade show booth that they could take to various shows and events in which they were involved. We immediately sat down with them to hear their vision of what they wanted the display to communicate. After our meeting, our creative team of designers went to work. We decided that it would be best to compliment the marketing materials with the trade show booth. We translated their brochure design into a beautiful 10′ x 10′ trade show display. We presented our concept to them in a 3-D rendering that allowed them to visualize what the display would actually look like once it was set up. The final result was extremely close to the original rendering.

We even carried the theme into the trade show magazine to point people to the booth.

With the display finished, our client then needed a way to ship each component of the trade show booth securely to and from the various venues that they would be attending. We did more than purchase a shipping container, we outsourced a foam cutting company to custom cut the foam for each of the pieces so our client could keep all of the parts nicely organized and secure in the shipping container.

Do you need to promote your company locally or on the road? Whether it’s a small sign, medium banner, or a large trade show design for a booth, we can help you communicate the services you offer and what your company is all about to potential clients. When it comes to your trade show and your company’s success all roads lead to Drum Creative.

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