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3 Solid Strategies for SEO


In a sense, SEO with search engines is almost like any other business relationship. Often one has to gain trust with other organizations in order to build partnerships and other types of mutually beneficial alliances. With SEO, companies also need to gain the trust of search engines like Google, Bing, and all the others. Once they do they can see some real results for their optimization efforts.  In this post, we will discuss 3 concepts that affect an organization’s ranking.

Age Before Beauty 

Essentially the older your website is, the more time it has had to prove its trustworthiness to search engines. In addition, search engines do not start indexing your site when you buy your domain name.  Your site must be up and running before a search engine begins to index (track) it. If you have a newer website, don’t despair. The age of a site is only one factor that search engines take into account when ranking sites.

Be Mobile

If you haven’t already done so, you’ll want to add a responsive design to your traditional PC-based site. Not only are mobile searches outpacing the more traditional desktop searches, search engines like Google consider sites with a mobile component as having better credibility than sites that don’t. That means, all other things being equal if your site has a mobile component and a competitor site does not, search engines will place your site on the upper rung.

Quality Content Matters

This last concept is probably the most important. If you deliver quality content that your intended audience is searching for, you will drive traffic to your site. Your audience knows best and if they like your site and find real value in it, they will most likely return. Many will share what they’ve found on social media sites, further increasing traffic to your organization and the name recognition (and your ranking) builds from there. So focus on offering great products and/or services and presenting valuable information about those things on your site.

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