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The digital age is an inviting era for entrepreneurs. With widespread access to the internet, we are amidst a marketing revolution. Currently, Statista predicts that social media will reach 2.77 billion users worldwide, with the Pew Research Center finding the overwhelming majority of Americans browse YouTube or Facebook. This has led to an exponential market reach unlike anything business owners and advertisers had ever seen before.

How to Put Your Business On The Map

While clever use of cross-marketing and trending hashtags across social media platforms are at the heart of putting your business on the map, it is an incredibly competitive space.

Getting your name, product, or service across the world wide web takes far more than a few hashtags or mentions. In order to grow your following, you must know your target demographic, stay true to your brand image, and interact with your audiences.

Know Your Target Demographic

There are billions of active users on platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter. However, strategic marketing requires honing in on your target demographic in order to reach promising leads. Ask yourself – are you trying to appeal to millennials? Baby boomers? A gendered audience? Perhaps you’re trying to tap into a niche market of gamers or sports fanatics. In any case, you must know your audience in order to appeal to them. Figure out how they can relate to your brand.

Stay True to Your Brand Image

Staying true to your brand image is important. Consistency is key. The tone of your posts and profiles should match with that of your website, products, and services. This should come naturally and go hand-in-hand with appealing to your target demographic.

Interact with Your Audiences

Interaction is a vital part of social media marketing that entrepreneurs often overlook. Interacting with your audiences encourages them to follow, like, and comment on your content. Liking, commenting, and following content similar to yours is another effective way to broaden your audiences and reach new viewers. This can also lead to cross-marketing opportunities, such as collaborations and shoutouts.

Not to mention, these interactions often boost the consumer-producer relationship with your target audiences, as it makes them feel more connected to your brand.

Have an SEO Strategy

Knowing your target demographic, brand image, and interacting with your audiences are only the foundation of a strong digital marketing strategy. Advertising online also requires the clever use of SEO keywords and taking advantage of trends.

This can be incredibly time-consuming and exhausting, especially for entrepreneurs who also have to juggle all of the responsibilities that come with owning a business. When you make room for SEO in your marking budget and consult with an SEO specialist, it can lead to the most effective social media campaigns that are crucial to putting your business on the map.

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