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Why Search Engines Favor SSL

ArticlesWhy Search Engines Favor SSL

SSL is a standard security technology that encrypts data exchanged between a web server and a browser. SSL is common in e-commerce and websites where protected data such as credit cards or social security numbers are exchanged. SSL, or secure sockets layer, provides consumers with peace of mind, ensuring any data passed between the server and browser is kept private and inaccessible from outside intruders through the use of encryption.

Google and other search engines have publicly stated their favoritism for SSL-encrypted websites, leading many to believe it’s a factored component of their ranking algorithm.

More businesses today are using SSL for its search engine benefits to gain preference over competing businesses. For a small yearly investment, businesses can provide encryption and harness the potential position improvements in search engines.

Search engines favor SSL for a number of reasons, but most importantly because it indicates that a website cares about its audience and cares about security.

Here are some other potential benefits:

  • Page load times – A faster connection for your audience and quicker access to your website.
  • Encryption – A safer experience for your visitors by protecting their data.
  • Legitimacy – It’s safe to say that investing in an SSL certificate indicates your business is more legitimate and trustworthy than a business that won’t.

How to utilize SSL for SEO

Fortunately, there are a number of SSL resellers, and you are not limited to purchasing a certificate through your web host. Although most domain registrars and web hosting companies offer them, the price you pay will generally be higher.

You can utilize SSL distributors like RapidSSL, GlobalSign, DigiCert, InstantSSL, or SSLs to find the best deal. Most resellers provide competitive pricing and a variety of options for your certificate.

You can also use the CloudFlare service or Let’s Encrypt to receive a free SSL certificate.

Installation is easy and generally takes just a few minutes when you are using cPanel, which most shared web hosts provide by default. If you’re using a dedicated or virtual private server and do not have a cPanel license, you can install an SSL for your website using a free control panel such as the CentOS Web Panel.

To learn more about why your website needs to be HTTPS and find out how Drum Creative can help you with installing an SSL certificate on your website, please contact us.

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