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Does Color Matter in Website Conversions?

ArticlesDoes Color Matter in Website Conversions?

If you want your website to resonate with prospects, what should you focus on?

If you said content, you’re right. But you can’t stop there.

You also need the right colors.

Depending on your audience, the use of certain colors can cause visitors to your site to stick around. But some colors can also make them feel indifferent, or, even worse, repel them.

Color Quickly Evokes Emotions About Your Company

If you only have a minute or two to grab a reader’s attention, you need to use every tool at your disposal to create the right impression.

Color is a great way to accomplish this.

For example, the use of red on this website is not just due to our love of fire engines.

Red captures attention and conveys a sense of importance and urgency. It helps readers understand what they can expect to gain from our services.

Different colors can bring up very different feelings, and it helps to understand the importance of color in graphic design to inspire feelings.

Increase Brand Recognition by 80%

Color is especially crucial for creating an association in people’s minds about your brand. A distinct color or combination makes it easier to stand out among competitors.

Tiffany’s has done this very effectively by adopting robin’s egg blue as their signature color. UPS has managed to give brown some personality. Apple has even adopted a non-color with great results: white.

A study by the University of Loyola in Maryland determined color increases brand recognition by 80 percent. Other studies have found people had an easier time remembering a company’s logo colors over the company name.

Color Can Improve Website Conversions

It is important to consider your target audience when choosing a color palette for your website. Some studies have shown men and women have different color preferences. For example, if your customers are primarily women, you may find warm colors work to attract them. Men, on the other hand, prefer cooler colors.

Because emotions play such an important role in influencing people’s decision-making, it is worth experimenting with different colors to see what works best for your customers. One case study found making adjustments (including changing colors) to a web page increased conversions by as much as 24 percent.

A Well-Designed Website is Good for Business

Our team at Drum Creative understands how to incorporate all the best design practices, including color, so your website captures attention and resonates with customers. Contact us to start a conversation about your web design needs.

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